Pure Mediterranean diet based on olive oil, pepper, legumes, pasta and vegetables. A mix of old Venetian recipes and Greek flavors makes the dishes special and memorable!

Some of the dishes of the traditional cuisine of Corfu are:

Pastitsada: One of the most emblematic recipes of Corfu for cooking rooster or beef accompanied by thick village spaghetti and grated kefalotyri.

Sofrito: Thin slices of beef which are cooked with white sauce of chopped garlic, parsley, white pepper, white wine, salt and vinegar. Served with fava beans or mashed potatoes.

Pasticcio dolce: A special Corfiot recipe. Between two layers of dough is placed a mixture of well-cooked meats (beef, pork, chicken, snipe, blackbirds, sausages) and thick spaghetti with grated cheese and dill.

Pastroki aubergines: Fried aubergines, sprinkled with cheese in layers in the oven between eggs boiled in slices, pancetta, salad (salami), drizzled with tomato sauce with basil.

Bianco: Α way to cook fish, with garlic, parsley, lemon juice, onions and potatoes.

Fogatsa: A type of bun of Venetian origin.

Galette: Pastries made from cornmeal and wheat flour fried in olive oil and served with icing sugar and cinnamon.

Corfu Cold Cuts: Corfu is famous for its cold cuts, which are prepared with the best ingredients, based on traditional Corfu recipes. Do not leave the island without trying salami and noumboulo!